Monday, April 24, 2006


Yesterday was another windy day here in Colorado Springs. It seems that this past 6 months or so have been windier than I can ever remember. And I mean gusty, blow-your-pet-away winds, too. A few months ago, during one of these big wind storms, a fishing dock at Quail Lake, across from where I work and the lake that Prescilla & I trot around, was blown into the middle of the lake. It sat there for about a week before someone hauled it back into shore and taped it up with the yellow "CAUTION" tape.

About a month ago when it started to get warm, the yellow tape was taken off and people started using the dock once again to fish. Today was no exception.

Quail Lake was packed with fishers, walkers, bikers & joggers due to the warm weather. The gusty winds didn't seem to deter them a bit. Prescilla & I were on our first jaunt around the lake when she noticed that one of the fishing docks, full of people (4 adults and 2 kids, it looked like) were in the middle of the lake. She was wondering how they got out there and I suggested that possibly the wind had blown them out there while they were fishing.

"No, I don't think the wind is that strong," she said. "But I don't see a boat or anything around them." We kept an eye on them while we walked by and around for the 2nd lap. We were on the south side of the lake when we saw that a fire truck and a volunteer fire truck had pulled up on the north side, where we were headed. It appeared that I had been right, that the wind had indeed blown them into the middle of the lake and stranded them.

One of the firefighters swam into the lake and attached a thick yellow rope to the dock and a couple more firefighters up at the truck were pulling them in slowly. Imagine how heavy that would be!! There was the big fire engine, the volunteer truck and 2 cops. As we walked by (it was the closest I had ever been to a fire truck that wasn't barreling down the street and it was pretty cool!!), another fire truck, this one marked "HEAVY RESCUE" came around the corner.

"Well, this is definitely something those people can tell all their friends," I laughed. "How they were marooned out on Quail Lake and had to be rescued!"

"And everyone will know about it," Prescilla said, pointing to the 5&30 News truck that was pulling up as we crossed the street. It was the most action Quail Lake had seen since Christopher Abeyta disappeared years & years ago and they drained it looking for him. At least there was no tragedy there today. Just some wind-stranded fishers!


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