Friday, April 28, 2006

A Recipe For Health

I've been, once again, working on genealogy and in going through some old family letters and such from my grandma, I found the following recipe:

"1 qt. vinegar
shells of 1 doz eggs
simmer in a pot vessell with a light lid down to about a pint.
put in 2 big onions, cook till tender then strain through a cloth.
cook in sugar or honey to thick syrup
a teaspoonful every few hours as needed."

You know what this recipe is for?

Bleeding in the lungs.

No joke. That's the header of the recipe. "For Bleeding at the Lungs." I'm thinking that the eggshells alone would contribute to my lungs bleeding!! Gack!

And!!! My new post dedicated to the courtship of my great-grandparents is finally up & running!! Check out the inagural post here!!

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