Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vacation Time

I'm in Grand Junction right now, visting with Grandma and my cousin Shelly. I've never had a chance to ever really sit down and talk to Shelly but now since she lives with Grandma, I've got the chance. She stayed up til 1am last night talking with Dad & I and before that we played games all evening (I lost at Oh Heck! and lost 3 out of 5 games of Gimme 5) - she's a lot of fun.

The trip over was good until we hit Debeque Canyon and then the wind started! The windspeed was clocked at 42 mph and I haven't heard what the highest gust was but the wind almost knocked the Vue into the Colorado River! And it didn't die down when we got into Jct, either. It ripped shingles off of Grandma's neighbor's house and broke Grandma's wind chimes and mailbox! About 8pm last night it finally died down.

I ran to Target last night for pj's - - I had forgotten to back anything to sleep in and I had to share a bed with Grandma so I figured I better have SOMETHING!! I got the cutest shirt while I was in there - - the color is listed as Brick Heather and it has a silhouette of the state of Kansas on it with a pig on it. On the pig it says 1982 and then at the top it says "Kansas State Fair." At the bottom it says "Go hog wild!" What's so great about this shirt is that I've been reading the courtship letters of my great grandparents and they were from Kansas so I figure this shirt ties in with all that Kansas Fun! Ha!

Speaking of, I'll be starting a new blog here shortly where I'm going to be posting the old letters. They were written between 1915-1917 and they're incredibly interesting! I'll get that up when I get home. In the meantime, have a great Tuedsay!

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