Monday, April 10, 2006

A Variety of Things

Happy Monday. Hope everyone's weekends went swimmingly. Here's an amalgam of things spinning around in my brain today....

"I'm not a guppy!" On October 3rd, my dreams are finally coming true!!! Disney is FINALLY re-releasing The Little Mermaid as a Limited Edition 2 Disc Set on DVD!! Yayayayayayayayay!!!! See, when they first released it years ago, I didn't have a DVD player so I didn't buy it. By the time I had one, Disney had pulled it. I've waited a long long time for this!

"I'm not Nick Fisher!" This weekend, Collin and I went to see Lucky Number Slevin. It was a highly enjoyable flick - Josh Hartnett, I think, played the role of his career and as always, Bruce Willis & Morgan Freeman were outstanding. If you like crime movies, this is a definite must-see!!

"I'm not old enough to know that!!" Another gem from Mom's birthday Game Night: During a game of Catch Phrase Mom was trying to get Justin to say the word 'pollution' and he just wasn't coming up with it so Mom said, "Give a hoot, don't..." Justin replied with, "Shoot?"

"I'm not crazy! I think!" Last night at work, Collin called me and we talked for a bit. When we said goodbye, I actully waved at the phone!! Gack! My brain...she is melting....meeellllltiiiinigggg.....

That's about all for now. And remember, "Give a hoot, don't shoot!"

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