Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Dry & Dusty Day

You Are Apple Pie

You're the perfect combo of comforting and traditional
Those who like you crave security
What Kind of Pie Are You?

You Are 32% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.
How Evil Are You?

So I'm not as evil as I thought. Damn. But that pie sure looks good! :-)

Yeah, I'm dry as far as posts go right now...I did complete the medium level on Guitar Hero for the 2nd time and got 5 stars on all the songs. To be a guitar god you have to get 5 stars on medium, hard & expert. Right now I'm considered a guitar legend. :-) I started the hard level and got through 9 songs before I had to go to bed. I'm getting fairly good at the game. Surprisingly my favorite songs to play are Spanish Castle Magic (Jimi Hendrix), Ace Of Spades (Motorhead) & Bark At The Moon (Ozzy).

We took Guitar Hero over to Derek's the night of the poker party and made everyone play. Mom was funny - - she tried so hard. Heather (Squatchy) picked it up right away and it took Derek a bit but he caught on and kept saying "One more, aww just one more." It's sooo addictive and everyone should be playing it!! :-)

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