Monday, May 08, 2006

A New Addiction

I've always had an addictive personality. If I like something, I tend to go overboard on it. I like to read so I have hundreds of books and I'm always buying new ones. I like music so I have over a thousand cd's. It seemed that when I was little, there was always a new TV show or movie that would capture my interest and whenever I looked through any magazine or watched a show on television, I would always be keeping my eyes peeled for anything to do with my latest obsession.

Well, it's happened again. This time with the show Lost.

I didn't watch it at all last season. I knew that Dominic Monaghan was in it and that was all. I didn't understand why everyone was so addicted to this show. Even my friend Shanon & her husband and father were hooked bad! When Season 1 came out on DVD, Shanon got it and she let Collin & I borrow it (after she got her in-laws hooked). We started it Thursday night and were immediately captivated. The opening scene where the plane has just crashed was so well done I was actually crying out of sheer fear that that could ever possibly happen to me. We watched 4 episodes that first night, mainly because we simply had to find out what was going to happen next.

We continued with more on Friday night and were going to stop at 1am but whatever episode we were watching ended with a serious cliffhanger. Crap! We went to bed at 2.

On Saturday, we took the kids to see Mission: Wolf (which is a whole other post in itself, complete with pictures!!) then went for lunch. We were planning on going shopping after we ate at Trivelli's but come to find out the place closes at 3 (on a Saturday???) and we walked in at 5 till. So we took the sandwiches back to Collin's with the plan of eating while we watched 1 episode then we would continue with our shopping plan. You know what? We didn't go shopping. We finished Season 1. We watched from nearly 4pm to about 2am.

We just found out last night that Season 2 won't come to DVD until October 3rd. I'm trying to convince Collin to go in with me on buying the episodes for $2 a pop online so we can get caught up and won't be behind when Season 3 comes out but so far I've had no luck.

My favorite character? Hands down it's Hurley. I adore him. He's so funny - always has the best lines. ("The numbers are bad! The numbers are bad!!" "Hey, dude, there's a piece of Arzt on you." "Oh, dude, you didn't hear about the polar bear?") Then there's Sawyer - like Shanon said, always the bad guy for me. There's not really any character I dislike - my least favorite would have to be Shannon if I had to pick.

So there you go. A new Lost addict has joined the ranks but I'm still in the back, trying to catch up


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