Thursday, May 18, 2006

Passing The Buck

My mom is the manager of a Big Lots store here in town. She's been there since the store opened 20-some odd years ago and it was called Pic-N-Save. I still call it Pic-N-Save (and MacFrugals sometimes - it's had 3 names over the course of it's lifetime) but whatever it's called, there's always something strange happening there. But I think the strangest thing happened the other day.

The story Mom told went something like this: A woman had purchased a Milton Bradley toy for her 4 year old son. The toy was in a plastic packaging with reinforced cardboard corners. As soon as she paid for it, the kid opened it up and pulled the corners off. Suddenly he says, "Mommy! Look at the naked children!"

It turns out that stuffed inside the cardboard corners were drawings of naked kids!!! There was German writing underneath the drawings. The woman showed the drawings to Renee, the assistant manager, who immediately checked the other MB toys they had there with the same corners...she found one other package with the same drawings.

The customer called Milton Bradley to let them know and the answer she got: "None of the people who work for us would do something like that. It was put there by someone who works in the store where you bought it." How's that for passing the buck? No concern, no apology, no trying to find out who works for them could have done this and by doing so making their company look! Someone at Big Lots surely opened these toys, slipped the drawings inside and somehow magically sealed it right back up. Luckilly, the customer saw the illogic of this and let Renee know what the MB rep had said.

There's some sick people in this world and by ignoring it (like the MB rep), it's only going to get worse!

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