Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Weekend Chronicles - Part 1

Yes, I was slacking in my blogging duties this past weekend. But it was for a good cause: mine & Collin's 2nd anniversary! Yay!!

Friday night we went to The Mona Lisa in Manitou Springs for dinner. I had never been there, nor had Collin so it was a novel experience for us both.

For those of you not familiar with The Mona Lisa, it's a fondue restaurant and it's absolutely scrumptious!! We ordered the "Fondue For Two" in which you get to try all 4 courses that they offer. We started with Caesar salads and bread. The cheese course was next but it took a while in getting to us. Because of this, David, our waiter with a Scottish accent, kept offering us complimentary glasses of wine. However, neither Collin nor I drink wine so we stuck with the water.

The cheese course we chose was a swiss blend with a white wine base - - very good and very strong. We had breads, broccoli, cauliflower, apples & carrots to dip into the cheese. The apples were my favorite and what we got 2nds of. That's one thing I really like about that place - they encourage 2nds!

Because of the wait on the cheese and our refusal of wine, we got an extra dipping sauce for our meat course. We had chosen the Classic Meats which included beef teriyaki, flatiron steak, chicken, alligator bratwurst and 2 types of fish. I do not eat fish ("If it comes from the sea, it's no good for me" is my personal motto.) so David allowed us to substutite extra chicken and quail for the fish. The little quail still had his arms and legs so I made him dance on the hot plate where we cooked him (you cook your own meats) - come to find out, Derek did the same thing with his quail the last time he had been there. Must be a Knight thing...

The meats were all excellent and were accented by the most heavenly garlic red potatoes I've ever had. I wanted 2nds of them and would have asked for some if I didn't know that the dessert course was coming. That's right - the dessert "course."

You have the choice of milk, dark or white chocolate. You can add flavors to your choice of chocolate. We chose white chocolate with Amaretto. Mmmmm.......they brought us a platter with the following desserts to dip: marshmallows, brownies, cheesecake, pretzels, apples, mandarin oranges, angel food cake, poppyseed cake, coconut macaroons and strawberries. We got 2nds of the marshmallows, coconut macaroons, brownies and poppyseed cake. Then when all that was left was a couple pretzels, here comes David.

"Would you like more? We can bring you more chocolate..." Collin said no, looking like he was going to burst. But me....I had to have more mandarin oranges. They were the perfect ending to a perfect meal. When we got the check, they also gave us a $10 gift card because of the wait on the cheese. Whoo-hoo!! I want to use it for more dessert!

Coming tomorrow: Climbing The Castle - Or Trying To (With Pictures!!!)...


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