Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Whale Of A Tale

Tuesday night Collin came to have dinner with me at work. The kids were with their mom so it only took us maybe 30 minutes to eat and we decided we'd hang out at Quail Lake and watch the bats for a while. There weren't as many as there had been the last time we saw them and I started wondering if maybe my heron* was hanging aroound anywhere close. Collin had never seen my bird in the flesh and he was agreeable to seeing if we could locate him.

Quail Lake is a very popular fishing spot and even at 8:45 at night there were still a handful of people there with their poles and bait. As we were walking down the lake path toward where we had just seen the heron fly in, we heard one of these fishers let out a startling scream and I saw a pole go flying up in the air. I couldn't tell what was going on because there were bushes and I didn't care too much because I had a heron to track.

The damn bird was taunting us, though. We'd get to where he was and he'd fly to where we had just been. We went through this for a while before I said "Screw it, it's getting dark and I have to get back to work." On our way back up the path we ran across two young men carrying their fishing gear, one of them limping hard. The other was laughing and the limper hollered out, "Shut up! It hurt, man, it fucking hurt!!" Then they saw us. The laugher looked at us, jerked his thumb towards his buddy and said, "He got bit in the toe by a fish!!!" and started laughing again. His friend looked so embarrassed! That, however, explained the yelling and the throwing of the pole, though. See what fishing will get you? No good comes from fish, I'm telling you!

*= I related this story to AJ, a co-worker and after he finished laughing his ass off, he told me that his next door neighbor has a backyard pond that he keeps stocked with quite expensive fish. One morning he looked out to see a Great Blue Heron "getting his grub on" with his fish. The bird ate his whole stock!! And you know the bird was like, "Aw, hell yeah! I've hit the jackpot!"


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