Sunday, August 13, 2006

Conversation In A Vue - The Zombie Episode

A little backstory before the conversation starts: There's a street just up the way from where my parents live called Valli Vista. It's a small, quiet street with about 20 houses. One day Dad instructed me to turn there on the way to his house because it "soothed him" being as it was so quiet and peaceful. He told me that he had never seen anyone on that street - people driving, sure, but never people in the yards or walking down the sidewalk. Said it was eerie.

One afternoon Dad & I drove by and there was an old man shuffling up the street. We were shocked but Dad decided he was a zombie because of the way he was moving. Somehow, we ended up calling Valli Vista "Zombie Lane."

Here now is the Conversation:

Dad: Ah, Zombie Lane.

Mom: I actually saw someone out in their yard yesterday on this street.

Dad: Yeah, a zombie!

(There was a man doing yard work as we passed - he had a little bulldozer and a huge pile of rocks.)

Mom: See? There's a person! He's not a zombie.

Dad: He's just doing the work. He doesn't know he's working for a zombie!

Me: Yeah. The instructions and the check were in the mailbox - he's never seen anyone.

Mom: Well, he must be a heck of an honest worker to do all that if he's already got the check.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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