Sunday, August 27, 2006

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!


Consider yourself warned. I stole this quiz (yet again) from El Sid. She called it a "gay little rainbow quiz." We'll see what happens....

* Red *
Closest red thing to you? The "-=" button on the adding machine.
Last thing to make you angry? This idiot kid who was waiting at Wold to turn left onto Maizeland. I was going to turn left on Wold and when I turned on my blinker, he decided that meant he was suddenly granted the right of way and turned in front of me. Idiot.
Ever been in love? Yes. I am now.
Are you a fan of romance? I love romance. I can't count how many times I saw Titanic or how many sappy romance books I've read and cried over!

* Orange *
Closest orange thing to you? The "I need assistance" light on the prober.
Do you like to burn things? Incense. Candles. I'm not a pyro like some people I know.
Dress up for halloween? Yep. If I'm not working.
Are you usually a warm-hearted person? Of course!
Do you have anything against ginger hair? Nooo...weird question.
Are you usually full of energy? Depends on what day it is & if I've worked.

* Yellow *
Closest yellow thing to you? The sticky note stuck to the side of my computer telling what time the wafers get out of the data retention bake oven.
Favourite holiday? Christmas & my birthday. It's a holiday - in Italy!
What makes you smile? Collin, Sam, kittens, puppies, our new house...
Are you a coward? Depends on the situation.
Do you burn or tan? I freckle. I used to burn but my skin decided that was passe so it started freckling. Collin once suggested I circle the freckles on my body before I went out into the sun to see how many new ones popped up!

* Green *
Closest green thing to you? The power light on the PEMAV test system.
Do you care about the environment? Sure.
Are you jealous of anyone right now? Skinny women.
Are you a lucky person? I can be. Don't wanna tempt the gods, now!
Do you always want what you can't have? No.
Do you like being outdoors? Sure. I like it more when it's overcast and stormy, though. I don't need any more freckles!

* Blue *
Closest blue thing to you? The mouse pad.
Are you good at calming people down? Actually, pretty good. I had a lot of practice on an old friend who was constanltly freaking out!
Do you like the sea? I suppose. I've only seen it maybe 3 times.
Last thing to make you cry? A book.
Are you a logical thinker? After I get over the fanciful thoughts, my logical personality always takes over.
Can you sleep easily? Yes. Light, dark, quiet, noisy - - it doesn't matter.

* Purple *
Closest Purple thing to you? Hello Kitty's shirt on my notebook.
Like being treated to expensive things? Of course!
Do you like mysterious things? Love them!
Favourite type of chocolate? White.
Are you creative? I like to think so.

* PiNk *
Closest pink thing to you? My Hello Kitty notebook cover.
Are you gay/bisexual? No. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Sorry - Collin & I have been watching Seinfeld.
Do you like sweet foods? Love them! Too much!
Like play-fighting? Sometimes.
Are you sensitive? Oh, yes! In fact I'm crying right now.
Do you like punk music? Yes.

* White *
Closest white thing to you? My list of work equipment.
Would you say you're innocent? Yes.
Always try to keep the peace? Yeah, unless I'm the one fighting.
How do you imagine your wedding, if you want one? I did the big poofy wedding once before & it didn't turn out so hot. The next one (if there WILL be a next one - ahem, ahem) I want to be fun and laid back with drinking and dancing which I didn't get at my last one. I still want the pretty dress, though, although I'm thinking of a champagne color this time around.
Do you like to play in the snow? I love snow! As long as I'm not driving in it!
Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentists? Not doctors but dentists. They're all minions of Satan.

* Black*
Closest black thing to you? The password written on the computer monitor.
Ever enjoy hurting people? No.
Are you sophisticated or silly? So silly.
Afraid of death? Sometimes. Although if he comes to collect me and I get to ride his horse, Binky, it's all cool.
Would you like to go to space? Absolutely NOT!
Do you have a lot of secrets? Pfft! I'm a yapper. I tell everybody EVERYTHING!!!

* Misc *
What is your favourite colour? Purple although Jordyn insists that it's pink.
Does the colour you wear affect your mood? No. I tend to dress according to my mood.
You prefer contrasting or harmonizing colours? Whatever goes together.
Do you like to paint? I like painting walls but I can't paint pictures like my genius father.
What colour would you think best symbolises your personality? Hot pink.


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