Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Will Work For Food

Last week Ginny, Prescilla & I took our usual trek to IHOP for lunch. This was our order:

-1 side salad w/ ranch
-2 chicken noodle soups
-1 chicken strips basket
-1 IHOP burger
-1 diet pepsi
-2 coffees

When we got the bill, it looked like this:

-1 chicken strips basket
-1 IHOP burger
total: $13.94

We were floored!! Not only did she not charge us for most of our order, she gave us the business discount on top of everything! This week, we were hoping for the same treatment but when we got our bill, she had charged us for everything, including drinks. I started saying she should give us free apple pie. The more I clamored, the more Ginny & Prescilla decided that apple pie sounded good. So Ginny went and grabbed the waitress and told her what we wanted. When she brought the pie - ala mode, nonetheless - she told us that since we had to "hunt her down" to order dessert, the pies were on the house!!!

Ask and ye shall receive, my new motto! :-)


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