Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PTA or Drugs - Your Choice

I've found a new morning show to listen to on my way home from work since The Peak went country and automated. KVUU 99.9 has a couple great dj's that are even better than the guys on The Peak were - the original 2 guys, not Dan Cochell. Anyway - they have this feature on the My 99.9 Morning Show called Group Therapy.

What happens is someone who needs help with a problem writes to Darren & Coba, they read the letter over the air and listeners call in with their opinions. Usually they're about relationships, like last week it was a guy who wanted to go to Fiji for 5 days with his buddies and leave the wife and kids at home - - that sort of thing. But this morning's letter - whewee!!

A woman named Belinda wrote in about a letter her child had brought home from school about volunteering for the PTA. She wouldn't name the school or the district so I don't know which school did this but - it had options for you to choose in your PTA volunteer work. The last option was: "No, I don't want to volunteer for the PTA. I want my children to become drug addicts, thieves and prostitutes." WHA?????

Everyone who called in said the same thing I was saying out loud in the car. How dare these PTA people, the ones who don't have a job outside of the home, make these working and/or single parents feel that if they don't volunteer at their school, their children will turn into the dregs of society! Totally uncalled for!

My mother didn't start working until I was in junior high and she volunteered for everything at the school. She was a room mother for both Derek & I and she was the treasurer for the PTO. That was fun -- she was in charge of all the fund raisers and it was her job to deposit all the checks. I got to sit at the dining room table and write "For Deopsit Only Widefield Elemantary PTO" on every check. Tedious but it was fun. And Dad, even though he worked full time was the president (or vice, I cant remember now) of the PTO.

Anyway, my point was Derek & I are not drug addicts, thieves and/or prostitutes and yes, both our parents were active in the PTO while we were in school. But I know plenty of other kids whose parents didn't have the time to volunteer and they're not in jail, zoned out on dope or selling themselves on Nevada Ave, either!! Whoever wrote that letter should be ashamed of themselves.

A lot of teachers were calling into the station this morning saying that anything that the PTA hands out for students to take home is supposed to be authorized by the principal of the school. I'm wondering if this memo slipped by this principal or if he/she thought that guilting parents into volunteering this was was a keen idea?


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