Friday, December 15, 2006

That 5 Things Thingy

So Collin tagged me. And no matter what anyone says, I'm not going to call him an evil bastard. He knows I like things like this. So! Here we go:

1. I can sing "My Heart Will Go On" in Italian. Yep. Sure can. When the theme to Titanic was everywhere, Sarah Brightman released a version in Italian on her Eden CD. She included the words. I learned it. So if I ever go to Italy then I can sing while I'm there but that would be about it.

2. I was almost run over by a car driven by a pro wrestler. I was in high school, I think. Derek, Ryan & I went to a WWF event at the Springs Auditorium and Ryan wanted to meet Miss Elizabeth sooooo bad. We went running across the parking lot and out of nowhere came a white sedan and it came within inches of splattering me on the pavement. I looked in the window and sitting at the wheel, looking at me sort of bemused-like, was Tito Santana!

3. I collect anything with The Little Mermaid on it. I don't care what it is. I saw a bike helmet at Toys R Us the other day and I wanted it just cuz it was Ariel. I bought a sucker ring last week and refuse to eat it cuz I like the picture of her.

4. I hate Henry Rollins sooooo much, flames come out of my head....I really, really do. A few years ago I was watching VH-1 and there was an interview with him where he was discussing groupies. His quote was "It never fails...there's always some fat groupie named Heather who says 'will you sign my Care Bear?'" Oooo! Pissed me off!! Dick!

5. What stresses me out the most? Parking. Seriously. If I have to go somewhere I've never been, I will drive by a couple days before hand to scout out the parking situation. I go to pick up Justin & Jordyn from school a half hour early so I can get the best parking spot. I get all freaky about where I put my car. I'm terrified of towing companies, as well.

So there you go. Not as interesting as Derek & Collin but - - probably didn't know any of that unless you were Derek or Collin. Oh! And I'm not adopted, no matter what Derek says. He said that one day when we were younger and Mom came home from work. I said, "My mom is home!" and he, of course, said that she wasn't my mom cuz I was adopted. When I told mom that and added that my reply had been that I couldn't be adopted since I looked just like her, she said, "Well, that's because I'm adopted, too." Ha!


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