Friday, March 09, 2007

Living Well

I am in the process of recovering from the Zit From Hell. I'm talking Pustulio-type zit here.

Except that it was on lower lip, dead center. It looked like 3 zits on top of each other and it HURT!!! It was awful - it looked like a cold sore.
I was in the car with Jordyn a few days ago waiting for her brother to get out of school and I started examining the growth on my lip in the visor mirror. I'm just thinking about how easily I could take over the world with my hypnotic zit, just like Zim tried to,

when Jordyn asked what that thing was.

"It's a zit. You've got about 6 more years before you have to worry about getting these things."

"Really? I better live a good six years then."

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