Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another Fun-Filled Conversation

Jordyn called me tonight at work to let me know she had lost another tooth. We talked about that for a while then she said she wasn't sure she had anything else to tell me.

Jordyn: Do you have anything to tell me?

Me: I can't think of anything.

J: Well, why don't you ever tell me any of the things you tell Dad?

Me: I didn't think you'd be interested in what was going on here at work.

J: Try me. Tell me something.

Me: Okay, I'm the only one here tonight who has work.

J: You're kidding!! What about your boss?

Me: We don't have a boss. Well, we do but he only works days.

J: Wow! That's sweet!! I would be all, 'I've got no boss, I'm gonna lay down, take a nap and read a book!'

Already she's got the right kind of work ethic. Ha!

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