Monday, April 02, 2007

Dad's Turn

Usually my funny stories revolve around my Mom but this time it's all about Dad!

Last week when we were up at Freak Train and sitting in the back row while Mom & Dad were in the 4th row, there was a belly dancing routine. When the act started, the dancer had her back to the audience - she was tall and lithe and dressed in a full length black dress with a crimson hip sash adorned with the jingling coins. She had long black hair in dreads with sea shells twined through. She danced for a while with her back to us then she finally turned around and - UGH! She was the ugliest girl I had ever seen! Seriously.

The more I watched her, I started thinking she was actually a he. At the intermission when we moved up to the 4th row, the bellydancer was in front of us and it was obvious to me that, yes, she was indeed a he. As I was looking at him, Mom leaned over and mouthed to me "Is that a guy?" I nodded. Then Dad said, "That belly dancer was pretty good. And she's an interesting looking woman." I didn't say anything, I just agreed with him. I don't know why I didn't tell him I thought it was a man.

The next day Dad called me. "Why did no one tell me?"

Me: Tell you what?

Dad: That that bellydancer was a man!! Everyone else knew, why didn't anyone tell me?

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