Monday, April 16, 2007

The Facts Of Life According To A 7 Year Old

I was sitting at work today talking to Prescilla when she mentioned that tonight was the Country Music Awards. She said that one of the performers would be Tim McGraw. Well, Jorydn looooves Tim McGraw - she calls him her "second marrier" behind her number one man, Keith Urban. So I ran to the phone and let her know her man would be on. Here's the end of the conversation:

Me: I'll see you in the morning.

Jordyn: I'll...duh! Of course I'll see you in the morning! I was thinking you'd be coming home tonight but you're at work so of course I'll see you in the morning!

Me: Right. I'll be there when you get up.

Jordyn: It must suck to work overnight.

Me: Not really. I actually like it.

Jordyn: Yeah, but staying up all gets harder as you get older.

Me: You think so, huh?

Jordyn: Oh, yeah! When I was 3 I could stay up all night and now I can hardly make it to 1am! I try and I'm all, 'I'm just gonna rest my eyes' and ZZZZZZ!"


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