Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Funny Story Time

At least I think it's a funny story.

I was in the break room tonight at work, eating my popcorn and reading my book, when two co-workers, Chris & Monique, came in to eat. Monique's father, Pedro, is our custodian and he was also with them. Pretty soon I hear Pedro call my name and he starts to tell me this story:

"Last night I was walking up the sidewalk in front of the security building and all of a sudden here comes this little bunny rabbit, running like a bat out of hell, straight towards me! I just stopped because this little guy is running fast and I don't know what he's gonna do. At the last second, though, he swerved off to the side and just kept running like his life depended on it! But I was scared!"

"You were scared by a little bunny rabbit," Monique asked as we laughed.

"Yeah! I didn't know what he was gonna do and if he had run into me, he'd-a knocked himself out!"

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