Saturday, July 28, 2007

Conversation at Fargo's Pizza Palace

Here's the conversation that happened at the bar while we were waiting for our cake. Keep in mind I worked at this place for ten years and dealt with shit like this on a regular basis:

Bartender: Hi!

Old Man: Do you have Dr. Pepper?

B: We have Mr Pibb

OM: Do you have Dr Pepper?

B: No, we have Mr Pibb.

OM: (after a pause) Do you have Dr Pepper?

B: (still very calm and polite): No, we have Mr Pibb which is pretty much the same-

OM: Don't be a smartass and answer my question! Do you have Dr Pepper?

B: No, sir but we do have Mr Pibb.

And the guy just walked away pissed! I was shocked! The old guy was such a dick!!! What do you think?


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