Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh Holy Jesus!

Prescilla & I left for our walk Sunday night at 11:30 and we went out the back doors like we always do...As I was opening the door I thought I saw something scurry to hide behind it and I thought it was a mouse so when I walked out I looked and there was a spider as big as my hamster! I'm not joking! There is no hyberpole whatsoever in that statement!! I screamed and jumped down all the steps (there's about 5 steps) before Prescilla even knew what was going on! When she saw it she freaked out and ran down.

When we came back, she was shining her flashlight around and she didn't see it so she opened the door and the thing had been hiding underneath the door and it scurried out and I screamed "Thereitis, thereitis, thereisis!!!!" and I've never seen her move so fast! She shut the door on me so I yelled at her to open the left door and I jumped in! Then we looked at it through the's HUGE!!!! I swear the body is the size of Sam (my hamster) and it has these long-ass legs and it's wood brown...yuck!!!!!

Then there was another spider just inside the doors with a quarter-sized body! When she pointed that out I pretty much ran down the hall screaming. Afterwards for about an hour I felt things crawling on me and I was seeing things out of the corner of my eye which I was sure were armies of giant spiders!!! I tried to look up guides for spiders so I could identify it but I couldn't handle all of them so I had to quit.

It was AWFUL!


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