Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And Another...and another....

Yet something else I snagged from Kathleen's always fun site:

The One Thing

1. If you could recommend only one book for others to read, what would it be and why? Yikes! I don't usually read deep, profound books. I always read for my amusement but what amuses me varies so I go through phases like romance, mystery, history, biography, etc etc etc. But! I suppose if I had to recommend one it would have to be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone just to get others obsessed with HP like I am!

2. What is your one favorite song? Why? New Generation by Skid Row. This song oozes power and flippin' cool guitar riffs. Plus Johnny's voice is incredible.

3. What is the one thing that is the biggest time saver in your life? Microwave Oven. Seriously. I don't cook and this little gadget has kept me fed over the years.

4. What is one gadget you couldn't live without and why? iPod. I'm at a loss when I don't have music going and at work before Collin gave me his I was going nutters!

5. If you could recommend one film for others to see, what would it be and why? The Grass Is Greener with Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum. One of the cutest and romantic films ever made. It's always good for a laugh when you're feeling down and don't have that Care Bear book handy!!

6. What is the one cure or preventative measure you believe in and for what ailment? Swishing Listerine over toothaches. It works and I don't question it!

7. What is the best advice you've ever received and from whom? One day I was down - seriously depressed - and my friend Christina said "You bring everyone else down when you're down." I've always remembered that and so now, even if I feel down, I keep a smile on my face and that alone usually helps improve my mood.

8. If you could introduce the entire world to just one band/musical artist, who would it be and why? Badfinger. I love them and everyone else should, too! Their music is up and fun and genius...

9. If you could convince others you meet or know of one thing, what would it be? That Pete Ham was the best musician to ever live.

10. What do you believe is one of the greatest ways of wasting money and how do you combat it? Wasting money, for me, is easiest on movies and music. I combat it by going to the library and checking out what I want to hear or see and that way, if it's good enough for me to watch or listen to again, I know it's worth the money.


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