Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Creepy Anniversary

On October 3rd of 2005, I posted the following right after it happened:

Sunday morning Prescilla & I went on our usual 5:30am jaunt around the lake. At this time of year it's quite dark and when we run into other walkers or joggers it's usually a shock because we don't see them coming. Yesterday morning was no exception; we ran into (not literally!!) a kid who looked to be about 20-21 walking towards us with crazy curly fly-away blonde hair, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his denim jacket and a petulant look on his face. He was really staring both of us down. I usually don't get freaked out if we meet anyone in the dark - just say "good morning" and be on my way - but this kid freaked us both out. We kept looking over our shoulders after he passed. There was just something wrong about the vibe he emitted. After our little creepy run-in, we rounded the bend by the tennis courts. Suddenly I felt a blast of warm air like I was in front of a space heater. Then it was gone. A few steps later, the sensation returned. "Do you feel that warm air?" Prescilla asked. "Yeah," I answered in relief, glad it wasn't just me going crazy. It was a huge difference from the normal temperature and it lasted for about 2 minutes. Then it went away. I decided that it was from the jets of the alien spacecraft that dropped off that kid as it landed. Prescilla just laughed at me. But then on the east side of the lake we saw something green glowing on the waters surface. There was no one around doing any early fishing, just this odd green blob glowing on the lake. I told her that was residue from when the alien morphed into the human kid we had passed. She didn't take to that idea very well. But it makes sense to me! Maybe the pulsing and rippling that's happening in my temple right now is some sort of alien mind control.....

So, tonight, just a few days away from being the exact anniversary of that weird happening, a co-worker of mine, Scott, went walking with me around the neighborhood. It was about 11:45pm and we're walking towards the lake and we feel a blast of warm air. He wondered aloud where that came from and I proceeded to tell him the above story. Then the lake came into view and damned if there wasn't a glowing green glob floating by the rocks.

"Oh my God, look," I cried, pointing it out. We stopped and peered down at it then I noticed there were two more over by the dock.

"Wanna go see what they are," he asked. I agreed then he said, as we're walking towards the lake, "You realize that we're like the typical stupid white people in the horror movies who go looking at what they shouldn't."

Well, we got down there and we're still not quite sure what they were. They were shaped like pellets and they glowed a bright green almost looked like they had little skeletons inside them but it might have been my over-active imagination. They were bobbing along in the water and at first we thought they may have been lures for night fishing but there was no one around and they weren't attached to a line or anything.

It was just plain weird.

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