Friday, November 02, 2007

Busy Girl

I don't seem to post much anymore and I apologize. I'll be doing my end-of-month book & movie roundup next week...I left the book list at work and I've been off since Monday.

Monday night Mom & I went to the Broncos/Packers game at Mile High. We lost in overtime which in itself sucked but what was really bad was how many stinking Packer Fans (Or Facker Pans, as Mom called them) there were strewn about the stadium. Everywhere you looked there were Cheeseheads. Now I'm a Facker Pan, I love Brett Favre but the Broncos are where it's at and damn it, Mile High is OUR HOUSE! Now I understand completely Derek's rant last week on the Pod about the Steeler fans. Mom said the invasion of the Cheeseheads was worse. The guy who sat directly in front of me wore a Packers cap with a styrofoam deer wearing a cheesehead on his head - I couldn't see anything and thank God he was nice enough to realize that and remove it during plays but still! And then, the worst thing for me was after we lost, walking down the the tunnel the Facker Pans all started their "Go Pack go!" cheer, befouling my stadium!!!!!! I was incensed! Oh! And the real worst part? It was like 60-some degrees so even though I brought my awesome Broncos scarf that Kathleen made me, it was too warm to wear it! :( Although I have been wearing it around town!

And then....Wednesday Dad had a gastric bypass done. Everything went smoothly, "boring" as the doctor said, and he's in the hospital for 3-4 days so Mom & I have been there quite a bit this week. While we were waiting for news we got to talking to a lady who was sitting next to us and it turned out she was waiting for a friend who was having brain surgery! He had been in surgery since 6am and at 1:30pm the dr came out and said they were half done but everything was going well. After the dr left that poor woman burst into tears and made Mom and I cry, too! I felt so bad for her and I hope her friend's surgery went well. Dad's all laid up in a huge private room and doing well...he's got his giant crossword puzzle book so he's good and I'm on my way to see him now.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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