Monday, December 10, 2007

The Perils of Sleepwalking

It's amazing what timing will do - one minute later or earlier and I wouldn't have a blog post.

Anyway...I was at work tonight and I had to go out to go the bathroom. I opened the doors into the hall and turned right towards the restrooms. I saw Terry, a co-worker, walking towards me, on my side of the hall. My first thought was that he'd see me and move.

He got closer and I noticed two things:

1) He wasn't moving.
2) His eyes were closed.

I reached out my hand to keep us from colliding and yelled, "AHHH!" His eyes popped open and he reached out for me, grabbing my hand to steady himself as he juked to the left real fast.

"Oh my God, I was alseep," he laughed. I don't know just how asleep he really was but seeing as how we on the night shift sometimes don't get enough sleep during the day, it's very plausible that Terry really was asleep on his feet and moving by instinct back to the floor.

That was my laugh for the night, maybe the week!

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