Tuesday, January 08, 2008


My mom, as you know if you read this little blog, has an interesting way of putting things. Like Christmas Eve when her brother asked her what the last movie she had seen in the theatre was. Turns out, since Sweeny Todd was happening the next day, the last movie she had seen had been with me - 3:10 To Yuma. Ray hadn't heard of it and asked what it was about. Mom's description was this: "There's this train...and at 3:10, it goes to Yuma!" You have to imagine her saying this, sweeping her arm forward like a train taking off...it makes it all the more funny!

The next week, Collin & I were riding with my parents in Dad's new VUE up to Denver to have dinner with Ray & Mary Beth. We were listening to XM Radio, the 60's station at my request, and Running Bear by Johnny Preston came on. Dad asked what song was playing and Mom told him, "You know that song where the two little indians swim together then DIE!"

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