Friday, January 11, 2008

Something Seriously Creepy


Wednesday night was the big election meeting here for the homeowner's assoc. board.  It was different than any other meeting I've been to....for one there was a bunch of people there as opposed to the handful that usually show up.  It started 30 min later than normal and the first 45 minutes was taken up with vote counting and a fire safety presentation.

After the votes were in and the 3 winners announced (everyone I voted for won.  Yay!) the new board retired to the back room to vote on officers; president, vice pres, treasurer, secretary and asst treas.  Luckily they like me and I was able to stay on as secretary.  

But the point here is this:  I have a tape recorder that I use to tape the meetings so I don't miss anything.  It sits in front of me and is pretty good at picking up sound.  However, the farther away you are, the harder it is to hear.  If you're whispering, there's a good chance that unless you're standing smack-dab next to me, it's not going to pick it up.

Except yesterday while I was working on the minutes, I got to the point where the new board left to vote.  There were pieces of conversations as the members filed by me...Chris asking about the gavel, Jim saying something to either Frank or my dad and their answer of "Whatever, Jim."  It was after hearing that that I heard something else.  


Intrigued, I rewound.  Sure enough, someone had whispered something.  Now I'm a tinch freaked out because I don't recall anyone standing that close to the recorder.  I rewound it 5 more times and thought I understood what "he" was saying but just to be sure, I popped on the headphones.  There's a unintelligible whisper at first followed by "I know what you dream."

I swear to God!  "I know what you dream."

I was covered in chills.  And sufficiently freaked out!  

I told Jordyn about it when she got home and she said, "Well, what are your dreams?"  I told her I didn't even remember and she answered, "Well, at least HE knows!"

When Collin came home I let him listen to it and he agreed.  The whisper is saying "I know what you dream."  But why?  And who is it?

Too creepy....

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