Friday, August 26, 2005

Meet Cloudy

School is back in session...what that means to me is one day a week I pick up Collin's son from school. I heard that finding a parking place this year was tough so I got there early yesterday & had my pick of spots. I chose a prime one across from the entrance and settled down to wait. I didn't bring a book or anything - I had Jordyn to entertain me.

She climbed into the front seat and immediately slunk down to the floor with her eyes closed and her tongue sticking out in her imitation of being dead. "Oh, no! Jordyn's dead! What will I tell her dad???" Her mouth was twitching; she was trying not to smile. Then her eyes fluttered open and like a snake in a basket, she writhed her way up, hands pressed together in front of her like an angel and a beatific smile on her face.

"Jordyn is dead," she intoned in an ethereal voice I had never heard her use before. "I am Jordyn's ghost. Don't be scared, Jordyn is just resting so while she's gone, I will be making her body move and talk." She then proceeded to "be" a ghost named GhostWorker. She informed me that her last name was Eyebrow & her middle name was CelineDion. I talked with GhostWorker for about 5 minutes before Jordyn's sore throat started to bother her. Ghosts weren't used to human ailments, I guess, so she went through the act of slinking and writhing again, this time to become a ghost who spoke a language no one understood. Since I couldn't talk to her, she disappeared and a new ghost appeared.

"Wow! What beautiful clouds," she exclaimed.

"Have you never seen clouds before?"

"Oh, there are clouds in Jordyn's body because she eats food. The clouds are all different colors because of what she eats - like colored goldfish so there are yellow and blue and red and green and purple clouds. There's also tan clouds because of the animal crackers she eats."

"I see. And what is your name?"

"Cloudy." Cloudy stayed with us the rest of the day. She was very good about staying in character. She slipped a couple of times, one time calling Collin "Dad" then explaining that she didn't know what else to call him since he was the dad of the little dead girl "resting in her heel." He suggested "Sir" but she decided that "Dad" was just fine. The second slip she started to recall something that had happened to her a while back. She immediately told us that she knew about this because she had always been in Jordyn's body so she was blessed with her "knowledgey."

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