Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mom & Funny Just Go Together

Sunday I went to the Broncos/Ravens game with Mom. The game itself was blah - no energy as Mom said until the last part of the game. But it's still always fun to go, to see the players, to watch the cheerleaders dance to a hyped-up mix of "Hollaback Girl" and to cheer my team on, even if it is rarely.

On the way up there, Mom was telling me about a show on Friday nights called Close To Home. She watched it for the first time last week and really liked it so she was filling me in. "It started with these two kids in a car doing meth. You know, whatever you do with meth...smoke it, crack it..."

Me: "Did you say 'crack it'?" She laughed and shrugged.

The only touchdown that Baltimore scored was, dare I say, controversial. The Raven receiver caught a long bomb from Boller and ran to the 1 yard before being pushed out of bounds. We all thought the Broncos would be attempting another goal line stand but they reviewed the play and come to find out the receiver stuck his arm out so the ball crossed the plane of the goal line before he stepped out of bounds. Hence - 6 points for the bad guys. Mom was incensed. "Pfft. What does he think he's doing, sticking the ball out like that. What a Smart-Alec!!" I had to laugh as I pointed out that if it had been our receiver that had done that it would have been a smart play but a Raven does it and he's a Smart-Alec! You gotta love her loyalty to the Broncos.

And speaking of her loyalty, she turned to me at one point and said, "The next time I write a letter, if I ever do write a real letter, I'm signing it 'Bleeding Orange & Blue Forever. Karen'." I love it!! A true Broncos fan! What we all need to be!

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