Thursday, February 02, 2006

Teaching The Young

Not only am I a giant Broncos fan, I love football as a whole. I will watch any game, pro or college, even if I'm not rooting for one particular team. I just really like football. And I think I'm passing this on to Collin's 6 year old daughter.

Tuesday night we were sitting in Culver's having dinner when Jordyn says, "I was watching Alan today..."

Collin: "Alan?"

Jordyn: "Yeah, you know...the show? She's really funny."

Me: "You mean Ellen?"

J: "Yeah, Ellen." 6 years old and her favorite show is Ellen Degeneres' talk show. Go figure. "Anyway, I'm watching Ellen and she starts talking about how happy she is that the Seahawks won and I'm all like, 'Ellen, I love you but the Seahawks?? Come on!'"

I had to hide my face, I was laughing so hard. I finally was controlled enough to tell her that it's okay that the Seahawks won because they weren't playing the Broncos. She nodded sagely as she ingested this piece of information. Then she blithely informed us all how much she likes football. I'm so proud!

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