Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Le Sex - My Weekend Part Deux

My mother's birthday was Friday so Collin & the kids and I went over to my parents' house to help her celebrate. We played her favorite games, On A Roll and Catch Phrase. There were only 4 of us playing Catch Phrase - - I was partnered with Collin and my Mom & Justin, who just turned 13 a couple weeks earlier, were partners. It was a bit harder for Justin to give and get clues because of his age - - there were some words or phrases that he wasn't familiar with.

He got the disc and looked at Mom and said, "Okay, an Orc..."

Mom immediately started spouting off words: "Mork, alien, Robin Williams, planet, Mork from Ork..."

"," he re-emphasized. I thought he was leaning towards a Lord Of The Rings orc, trying to get her to say goblin or something of that nature. Justin sighed at my Mom's blank look and said, "Like...Orca?"


"Kind of...with a 'y' at the end."


"Yes!!" And the disc passed to me. Now, I'm thinking, "Orky? What the hell is an orky?" I opened up the disc to see the previous word and started laughing so hard they had to stop the timer. I was crying I was laughing so hard. When I told everyone else what the word really was, they too joined in the mirth. Except Justin, of course. He had no idea why we were laughing. The word?


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