Monday, April 03, 2006

My Weekend, Part Uno

For only a 3 day weekend, I had a lot of stuff going on. In fact, I've decided to break everything down and give you my weekend story in 3 installments. Great fun for YOU! Here we go with Part 1:

I went shopping with Shanon & Elena on Thursday. I had decided to drive so I unlocked the car so Shanon could put the carseat in then went to throw my garbage in the dumpster. Normally, I would have had my keys in my purse but since I had just used them, they were in my right hand. I remember thinking that I better be careful and not accidentally throw them in the dumpster!

I opened the huge lid and noticed that the garbage men had been there that morning - the thing was completely empty. I tossed the bag over and then felt the horrible feeling of my keys being yanked from my hand. There was nothing I could do - BAM! The bag & my keys hit the bottom of the dumpster. "Shit!!" I yelled then kept repeating it as I stalked across the parking lot. "Did you throw your keys in the dumpster," Shanon asked. "Yes!"

"I thought so. All I heard was 'CLUNK!' then "Shit!!!" We started laughing at my predicament as I searched through my trunk for something to pull the keys back up with. I grabbed a squeegee and we headed over. Luckilly there was a hole in the garbage bag that allowed me to slip the sponge part into it and pull the bag up. The keys stayed attached the whole way up for easy retrieval!

I have a key chain that Collin bought for me at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. It's the room tag, name plate & skeleton key from the hotel in The Shining. The skeleton key's teeth had gotten stuck on the bag and that's why they were yanked out of my grip! Thank goodness I was able to get them back easily! The thought of having to dumpster dive to get my keys back was not appealing!!!

Coming tomorrow - "A Teenager Learns About Sex." See you tomorrow!!

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