Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I almost got hit - in the head - by a BIRD!! A Magpie, actually. He was flying all loopy & crazy and was heading straight for my head (we were walking in front of the lake) and when I screamed, he dipped, ducked & dodged. Prescilla didn't even see it!! She thought I was crazy!

THEEENNNNN - - I'm pretty dang sure I saw a ghost! Seriously! I was handtesting on the serial floor and for the video portion of the test there's a black border that I can see my reflection in. I was checking out my hair which I had just braided and was looking to make sure that no strands were sticking out and I swear (!!!!) I saw a man walk behind me, way back against the wall. The creepy thing is that there's tables and handlers up against the wall so no one can really walk there. I whipped around & of course there was no one there!

It doesn't help that I'm also reading a spooky book.

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