Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anybody Hungry?

The scene is Thursday afternoon at my parents' house.

Dad: Have you decided what to do with your hamster yet?

Me: We're waiting for it to warm up so we can bury him.

Dad: And in the meantime he's sitting in your freezer.

Mom: Eeyew!!

Me: He's contained! He's in a bag in a box in two bags in a box in a bag!

Dad: You should just toss him in the dumpster!

Me: I'm not tossing him in the dumpster!!!

Dad: Why not?

Me: *sigh* Because....

Mom: Why don't you just turn your oven to 400 and cremate him?

Me: MOM!!

Dad: KAREN!!!

Mom: What?

Dad: Jeeze...the smell alone....

Mom: Well, it was just a thought.....

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