Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cross Streets

***Collin has the spooky whisper voice thing pulled off the tape and it should be posted here very soon!!!***

Jordyn's birthday is coming up on Friday and this year she's having a Skate City birthday party. Of course she's beside herself with excitement. Her job today was to call her great grandma and her aunt to invite them.

Me: Did you call great grandma & Pam?

Jordyn: Yeah but I had forgotten why I had called so I was just talking then I went "Oh, yeah...." and great grandma said "Yes?" And I said I didn't remember.

Me: So you never invited them to the party?

Jordyn: No...I forgot why I had called.

Me: *sigh* Call them back and tell them about the party.

So off she goes, phone in hand, to the basement.

Me: Did you call them?

Jordyn: I left a voice message.

Me: What did you say?

Jordyn: I just told them it was at Skate City on Academy & Beauregard.

Me: Academy & WHAT?

Jordyn: Academy & Beauregard.

Me: It's Academy & Constitution.

Jordyn: I thought it was Beauregard.

Me: It's Academy BOULEVARD, not Beauregard.

Jordyn: Ohhhh.....


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